Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pain and Sorrow eases with trust in Allah


This life is full of so much pain and hurt and every time something  goes on like this I feel like there's a sword to my chest.
Your heart is filled with pain and hurtfulness that can never heal unless you truly believe in Allah and relay on him alone to ease your pain and sorrow. You flood your eyes with tears hoping for your spouse, mum, sister or even dad to understand what your really feeling

But the haq (true ) is that they might be their from time to time but only Allah will be their all the time
Subhanallah, how amazing is that, how beautiful is that, many other religions aren't fortunate enough to have this relationship we have with our creator

When I mean pain and sorrow it can be anything small or big. Others often ignore small pain and think that you are just over emotional but they don’t realise the bigger picture and effect this has on you and will continue to have. For me just seeing refugees fleeing from their home on a small fishing boat putting their lives in the hands of some smugglers is heartbreaking.

Watching the news is something I can not do without feeling the pain. I know fox news and all these channels go overboard sometimes but deep down I know that if what there saying isn't completely true now it is actually happening somewhere else in the world at this instant.

I just feel this connection with the middle east Arabs  in particular. I would like it to fade away as I unconsciously get mentally and emotionally effected when I hear, see or even know about what is going on .
I can not fight myself against what the world and everyone is saying.

I say we are all one regardless of your ethnic background or religion and they say we are from different different and share differences.
Its hard to hear this from them and every time I do, I doubt what I have heard and numb my ears avoiding the differences talk but the sound gets louder and louder and I cant stop nor run away.
They surround me in every single way
All this from a 10 minute news report on ABC ….

Fri 17th april 2015